As we have always maintained, that merely building or creating websites or web-portals will not suffice. You need to make sure that the website you are promoting should also be of good quality. After all, you too have a moral obligation towards the viewers and internet users to provide them with a site, which is knowledgeable and follows organic methodologies in order to maintain the upsurge. You have built a site, which follows all the rules and regulations of being a good website. However, do you know what is a good eminence website is? In this article, this is what we will deal in. We will first make your cognizance aware of the fact as to what are the imperative conditions making a good quality website. Post this you will be in a position to comprehend myriad steps to build one of them. So keep reading on to get better site and page rankings.

What makes a good quality website?

Here, in this portion, we do not want to give out the actual basis of algorithms used by Google in order for the retro-bates to work around the same. However, here are a few pointers that one must bear in cognizance in order to enhance the user’s feelings and experience about the site. One considers a site, which qualifies on the below-mentioned parameters, a good website:

  • A site, which can be trusted in terms of knowledge and the material written on the site
  • A site having not much of redundant articles wherein there is a slight shift in the keywords to prepare articles
  • The information provided should cover both the pros and cons of a particular topic and not restrict it to the advantages or positive side of it
  • The writer of the article or content too is a principal contributor to the entire scheme of events. The way the writer of the article structures, tends to reflect the proficiency in the subject. A good article will not have a typo or any sort of factual blunders
  • The content will be precise and crisp and not lose the plot.

In short, a well-written article will not have anyone complaining about it in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, you see it is quite imperative to write a smart and sophisticated content in order to get a good ranking. This is also a necessary step in order to promote the site. A sleek website design coupled with genuine content can work wonders.

How to build a quality website?

There is no rocket science involved in all this. In fact, if you keep in your mind the aspects that are in the above-mentioned part of the article then it can serve as a directive to prepare an article. The pointers that were in discussions are some of the very innovative ways to structure one’s content. The whole idea behind Google’s Panda update is to encourage more and more people to come up with interesting aspects thereby improving the quality and consistency of the search. The criteria set are to determine the best among the search results and not to intimidate people. Hence, one should pay much attention in making the content ‘the king’ and not pay much regard to the algorithms. If the writings on whichever subject you choose are good enough then irrespective of the algorithm, the content as well as the site will shine through. You need to have any anxieties or worries about the fate of the site as the algorithm is designed to pick up the websites, which are consistent with their submission and offer great experience in terms of user contentment and quality of articles and works. Building a great website is not difficult but the problem is to maintain consistency and excellence in the articles. If you are able to achieve it then page rankings are not difficult to achieve.

If you think building a good website is only for the benefit of the users and citizens, then think again. Contrary to what many people would love to believe but by building a good site, you are not only helping yourselves but also the scores of people who visit your site daily in order to get something out of it. This is an intangible matter and therefore best left at that. Hence, you see making a good website is a prerogative of the promoter of the website and its benefits is something, which works both the ways. A good website not only provides statistics to the reader but also considered reliable and a good website for the promoter if more people visit the site. One should therefore not pay much heed to any particular algorithm and update of Google but instead, should quintessence more into making the content of the website as good as possible.

Author: Anil Valvi


Anil Valvi is the President of Dynastic Tech - an Internet marketing company offering SEO, PPC & Web Design services. He's been in search since 2008 & focuses on long term strategies, intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. Reach on anil [at] dynastictech [dot] com

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