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Search engine traffic is an important cornerstone for any online business. Achieving high rankings in Google search results can make a sea of difference for the profitability and visibility of a business.

Search engines rank results by their secret algorithms that try to determine the quality of a site. On the opposite end, search engine optimization or SEO aims to game the system to obtain high rankings. This constant push and pull process can really hit a limit, and as a result, the website may earn a penalty for being in violation of Google’s guidelines. If you are looking for a reliable and most affordable Google penalty recovery services, then opt for Dynastic Tech, as we have the best possible solutions for restoring the ranking of your website.

We help to figure out the Why

The steps to deal with an algorithmic penalty like Penguin or Panda may differ vastly from those needed to deal with manual action to remove Google penalty. If you have suddenly noticed a drop in site traffic, it might be because your site has incurred a penalty. There might be various reasons for this, ranging from innocuous coding errors like misplaced anchor texts or overzealous SEO, creating what are called unnatural links or artificial links, deliberately designed to manipulate Page Rank, Google’s search result ranking algorithm.

Websites with duplicate or irrelevant content are also included by Google when judging on the quality of a site. Using the site description, Google searches its vast online database to check if links between the sites have any relevant or common ground. If none is found, it might be an attempt at SEO, resulting in a penalty.


To remove Google penalty we

– Analyze your backlinks and actively remove those that might have resulted in your ranking and reputation dropping.

– Monitor and identify low quality backlinks.

– Check for links from spammy comments or forum posts.

– Websites with unrelated or think content with lots of bots generating backlinks are extremely undesirable. We verify and remove them manually.

– If a link cannot be removed, disavow it. We check domain extensions; many links dragging down your quality can come from spam bots operating on irrelevant pages.

If we find that a link is hurting your website, we will contact the website owner directly to have it moved. For links that cannot be removed, or if you encounter a particularly uncooperative webmaster, we will help you generate a disavow report. Though these actions may take a few weeks to take place, they afford us time to re-optimize your site and submit a request to remove the Google penalty.

Running an online venture is daunting and there are many things to familiarize yourself with if you are to taste success. Even so, not everyone possesses the high level of technical proficiency to deal with such issues themselves.

Fortunately, thus we are here to help. We understand how different ranking systems work and what actions might trigger penalties or bans. We have made it our singular aim to optimize the listings of our clients while still maintaining site quality so as to not drop in rankings.

So what you just have to do is to contact us and the rest will be done in a flux. Contact us NOW!

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