Many webmasters create an astonishing amount of micro-niche sites in order to earn some extra cash, but unfortunately the last Google updates simply put an end of story for a lot of them. Nowadays it’s kind of uncommon for most of the online marketers to establish micro niche sites and earn some online revenue because it’s pretty hard to rank a micro niche site if you do the things the old way. Check below what you can do and how you must do everything properly if you want to be a successful owner of hundreds micro-niche sites.

The last Google updates de-index a lot of scrappy and poorly done micro niche sites and the majority of the online entrepreneurs who rely and invest in such kind of sites were pretty bad hurt. All of their work went to the sink because most of them used only spammed blog comments and just 1-2 articles on their sites. It was kind of easy to rank a micro niche sites using just these 2 techniques back in the time, but now the things are a little bit different.

If you want to create an earning micro niche site then you have to forget about the old way of creating and ranking such kind of sites. Well, first of all you have to add more content to your micro sites. Just several articles won’t make any difference and you will hardly improve your SERP with this strategy. Add more content and aim for keywords that have cost-per-click more than 1 dollar. Some of you may say that if they continue to add more content than the whole point of creating a micro niche site will get lost. Well, nobody is forcing you to add articles or videos to your site every day. Just posting 1-2 articles every month we will be more than enough to notify Google that your micro sites are still updated and valuable to the visitor.

The main reason for most of the webmasters to create a micro niche sites was because they are easy to be ranked with minimal efforts and backlinks. Well, it’s true that if you choose the correct niche and keywords then you will see the top of the search results really fast, but that was before all Google updates with funny names and evil nature. Now you have to work harder if you want to earn some money from micro niche sites. Even though there won’t be any huge competition in your chosen niche just creating a site with several pages and several hundred low PR backlinks won’t be enough to conquer Google and your niche. When doing backlinks to your micro niche site you should employ the same approach as doing backlinking to an authority site. You have to diversify all your backlinks and use only quality high PR and dofollow (if possible) backlinks from web2 properties, profiles, article directories, social bookmarking sites and etc.

What’s the point of all the effort? Why not creating just one authority site? Well, it’s up to you to plan your online work, but you have to know that micro-niche sites are still earners and you can beat your competition if you follow the tips above. Just add more content every month, 1-2 articles every month will take you not more than 1-2 hours. Be serious about backlinking of your micro-niche site and you will see that the micro niche sites still earn.

Author: Anil Valvi


Anil Valvi is the President of Dynastic Tech - an Internet marketing company offering SEO, PPC & Web Design services. He's been in search since 2008 & focuses on long term strategies, intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. Reach on anil [at] dynastictech [dot] com

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