There are almost 1.3 million applications on the Play Store of Google.

The number of apps on the App Store is also close to that of the Play Store. These numbers are continuously increasing, and it indicates that the demand of mobile apps is very high. Without the professional mobile apps marketing policy, your app can never become prominent among the millions of apps. And this policy is available at our Dynastic Tech.

App Store Optimization

The App Store of Apple and Google Play prioritize some apps algorithm in SERPs based on a range of ranking issues (ratings, screenshots, title of app and many more). But, unlike SEO App Store Optimization process is not same for all cases. The most significant factor of ranking that we always consider in the matter of ASO is the title of your app. For instance, if you have created a train time-checking app, then we may make use of the title- Train Time Checker. We also utilize Keyword tool of Google Adwords to recognize the terms pertinent to your software. We, moreover, think it essential to fill out every field with the relevant details while submitting the software to app stores to select the categories cautiously.

Facebook marketing

Your SEO rankings are very important to us. We know ways by which your SEO rankings can be improved. Our team will help you to achieve such rankings, which help in business expansion. Once your SEO rankings are high, then the popularity and the benefits of your business are marketed better to the concerned buyers. Your company’s web design and development is done by us in a way that it attracts required traffic and increases the customer base of the business.

Techniques on improving site visibility

It is, in fact, a surprising fact only some mobile app marketers talk about Facebook marketing. But, it is one of the efficient ways to increase the use of mobile app with the clever application of Facebook’s marketing platform. For this, we use a blend of page supported posts and sponsored facts targeted to the news feeds. Make use of the page, such as advertisements, with the assignment set to the news feeds of mobile. Apply a power editor in order to control and organize the demographics of your advertisement.Use an arrangement of high-resolution images as well as URL posts.

Sponsored Tweets help you a lot

These promoted tweets done by our app marketers can be another extremely effective means of driving the download of mobile app while set up properly. We often start with a limited budget testing a range of keyword sections, and develop what propels the most excellent cost-per-acquisitions.

We drive reviews in a natural way

Reviews are obviously a huge facet of ASO and also a significant factor in encouraging the visitors to download the application. We discover a successful means of driving assessments in a manner, which is natural and will not activate the spam filters of and Apple or Google.

Make a micro site and use conventional digital marketing policies

App marketing may be tough as there are a comparatively fewer catchments in which you may reach people, who are interested in getting your application. Those places (like app stores) are very competitive to find the visibility. However, we make a micro-site as it can bring in a complete host of the possibilities of marketing.

Reddit networks

We consider Reddit marketing as it is very cheap. We also make use of the display network of Google to run the ads on definite websites, which back up Google Ads. It can be extremely powerful as we do properly. For instance, when you have any financial related application, you can operate your advertisements on Forbes that not only takes hyper-relevant visitors, but also relates your application with a feeling of credibility.

Email marketing

We think that it is also one of the effective ways to build promotion, and convert leads to clients. We create newsletter and present your prospective users the info that is helpful and helpful to them. Besides, the users will value you and finally become more eager to download the app.

So, we do mobile application marketing by pursuing some simple steps.

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